eally hard to kill the next, contradictory mood, just the hearts of Medusa Queen s irritability roots. But no matter what, at least today s Medusa, has been Xiao Yan drink back, and then, there is no bound to him, is able to peace of mind with the Fan Tu to solve all kinds of old and new grudge Sorry, to accompany friends to drink some wine, update engage in late, head a little dizzy, first try the second more, if not, then three more compensation today. Chapter Contents Chapter 601 Rescue first more Chapter sixty one chapter PMP it exam reinforcements Eyes stuck in a place where Medusa vanished. Xiao Yan slowly relieved, the line of sight removed, once again transferred from the Tudu body, eyes filled with a little kill intended. Hey, even if the man is gone, you can not discuss what is good, I do not believe you can rely on one of the power of the four of us all stopped. M.edusa s departure, but also so that the tuberculosis is quite disappointed, but instantly Rushed to the silence, yin test smiles. Xiao Yan did not care to try to use the language to make their own PMP retreat of the Fan tuberculosis, wrist flick, heavy feet fiercely plug on the ground, right hand, a group of green flame like a firefire, faint emerge. Left palm PMI Certification slowly covered in the green above the flame, Xiao Yan eyes are in the Fan Tu and others wrinkled under the brow of the closed up. For Xiao Yan so strange action, Fan Tu, who is al

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